Children's Ministry

At COV we want to reach, build and equip kids for the Lord. We implement the Orange Strategy which helps the church and families be on the same page. Each month your preschool-5th grade child will learn about a key character quality that God can and will build in us.  We desire EVERY KID to have a life-changing relationship with Jesus.

Not just rich kids…EVERY KID.

Not just white kids, black kids, brown kids or yellow kids…EVERY KID.

Not a lot of kids, not even most kids…EVERY KID.

Not more kids than other churches…EVERY KID.

Not giving just a few kids the opportunity to receive Jesus…but EVERY KID

Not just the “in crowd,” not just the beautiful, the charming …but EVERY KID.

Not just those with high potential, but EVERY KID.

Not just the loved and loveable, but EVERY KID.

Not just American kids…EVERY KID.

A dream worthy of my time. A dream worthy of my energy.
A dream worthy of my money. A dream worthy of my life.
Build a bridge for EVERY KID to meet God. Love EVERY KID for God.

2017 Vacation Bible School

We are offering two different weeks of VBS this year! Week one will be Turn it up! during the week of July 10-14. Week two will be Gadgets and Gizmos during the week of July 24-28.  We would love to have your child attend both of these life-changing, memory making and unforgettable weeks of VBS! Click on the corresponding VBS pictures below to register.

Turn it Up VBS 2017
Gadget  Gizmo VBS 2017